Thesis Analysis/Discussion Chapter:

The discussion section is the focal point of the thesis. Many readers who come across a thesis of a subject that they are interested in often read the abstract and thesis statement and skip to the discussion section to see what the interpretation by the author has been. The function of the discussion section is to answer the questions that have been posed in the introduction section. Any conflicts that the results have with the hypothesis should also be addressed. Unlike other sections of the paper, the discussion section cannot be written in one go. There will have to be several attempts at writing a good discussion that befits the research and the hypothesis. This section should be kept as short as possible and to the point and never stray away from the hypothesis.

It goes without saying that since this is the most important section of the thesis paper, it needs to be written well and in a concise manner. Students often find it difficult to write a discussion section in a concise manner that is attractive to the reader. We have professionally qualified writers who have been writing thesis papers for a very long time. They are well aware of how to write a discussion section that sticks to the hypothesis of the paper and one that does not go off topic. In their intention to display their knowledge and the work that they have done, students usually have a tendency to display all the information they gained during research. This could prove to be counterproductive and it is sufficient to just stick to the hypothesis statement.

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