Reaction Paper :

If a writer/student portrays his/her reaction on a given article or any other piece of writing, the end result will be a Reaction Paper. Reaction papers are usually assigned by teachers/professors to assess their students by asking them to express their opinion/reaction on certain events or ideas mentioned in articles. The primary step to complete a reaction paper is to go through the article and find out the main theme and points. To be specific, students are expected to must make use of the main theme and related points as the focal point of the proposed reaction paper.

They must try to describe the point in their own words without copying from the article, and provide justification on one’s claim and try to add related points as evidence. Within this scenario, student can add relevant examples to help the readers to have deeper understanding on the argument. They must point out examples familiar to the target audience. Background information is necessary to strengthen the argument or opinion. Besides, complete the body of the reaction paper and conclude the same with an apt concluding paragraph.

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