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Basically, movie reviews are prepared by making use of personal ideas and technical knowhow on cinematography to unmask the unknown aspects of a movie. At the same time, movie reviews based upon technical knowhow on cinematography is generally considered as perfect movie reviews. One can easily identify the fact that major newspapers provide enough space for movie reviews prepared by eminent reviewers. Personal comments on movie reviews can be considered as partial reviews because viewers possess the right to evaluate the movies they did view. A reviewer or a student who is asked to prepare movie review must try to view the target movie and take notes on the same. It is important to take notes while viewing a movie, but it diverts attention and concentration. On the other side, aforementioned notes can help the student to express his/her personal opinion on the movie, in the review. Students can depend upon online reviews, reviews published in newspapers, and magazines etc., can help a student to prepare an effective movie review. Our panel of writers prepares excellent movie reviews, and you can count on us, thanks.

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