Dissertation Introduction Chapter:

The introduction chapter of a dissertation is the first chapter and needs to be written well because it sets the tone for the rest of the paper. The purpose of the introduction is to provide a justification for the research that is being done in the dissertation. Some of the aspects that need to be covered in the introduction include the context of the research, theoretical framework, statement of the problem, the aim of the research and a brief outline of the chapters that follow. It is always advisable that a preliminary introduction should be written first beforehand. This will give a sense of direction for the rest of the paper. After writing the entire paper, the student can write the fair copy of the introduction chapter.

Unlike the other academic papers that students have to write during the course of their education, the introduction of the dissertation needs much more effort and knowledge. Students who feel that the introduction is a chapter that will not take much time or effort will be mistaken. We have professionals who can do the job for the students. They can then make it possible for students to focus on the rest of the paper. The writers that we supply have knowledge in the topics as they are academicians themselves and know the appropriate terminology that suits the subject. They will ensure that the introduction is one that grabs the attention of the reader and prompts him to read the rest of it.

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