Dissertation Analysis/Discussion:

The discussion section is considered to be the heart of the dissertation. This is the place where the author is supposed to make his interpretations and opinions. The main function of the discussion section is to answer the questions that have been posed in the introduction section. The way in which the results support or have a conflict with the question has to be mentioned. It needs to be understood that the discussion cannot be written in one go. There will have to be several attempts before the discussion section aligns with the rest of the paper. This section should be kept as short as possible but it should fully state, support and explain the answers and also discuss other relevant issues.

Since this is the most important section of the dissertation paper, it needs to be written well. It should also be written in a concise manner. Many students may find it difficult to write a discussion section in a manner that is attractive to the reader. We have professionally qualified writers who have been writing dissertations for a very long time. They know how to write a discussion section that sticks to the hypothesis of the paper and one that does not go off topic. Students usually have a tendency to display all the information they gained during research when it is sufficient to just stick to the hypothesis statement. Our writers will be able to do so and guarantee a very well written discussion section.

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