Our pricing varies a lot depending on the type of paper that the student has ordered. A research paper will not cost as much as a dissertation. The level of expertise that is required for both these papers is different and hence the variation in price. It also takes a lot of effort to write a dissertation than to write a simple research paper or an article review. Unlike other sites that set their prices with the intention of creating an illusion of ‘more expensive, better quality’, we prefer to exercise the more ethical way of rendering a service to the student community.

Our papers are not priced on the basis of ‘price per page’. Instead we opted for a flexible pricing. Customers who require a paper with many pages will not have to pay exponential prices. There will be a discount as the number of pages increase. There will also be a variation based on the academic level for which the paper is being requested. We have different prices for school level, college level and university levels. Since the level of difficulty in writing these papers differ, so does the price associated with them.

Papers that need to be submitted in a short deadline will be priced higher than those that are required later. When customers approach our site for papers with urgent deadlines, we have to search for available writers in that particular academic discipline. It is on the basis of the availability of the writer that such papers will be assigned. Any paper that is required within 24 hours will be considered urgent. The prices will differ on the basis of whether the paper is being requested for within 24, 12 or 6 hours.

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