Essay writing is an integral part of the education process all over the globe. Right from primary school, students are encouraged to hone their essay writing skills. Even with the myriad changes in the education industry, essays have not lost their relevance. The essay, unlike other methods of examination which only require a superficial knowledge of a certain subject, encourages students to truly understand the nuances and finer details of the subject.

How to pen your essays to perfection

There is no sure shot formula to writing a perfect essay. Each topic needs to be given the time and respect it deserves. But there are certain practices which can make the essay writing process a lot more efficient and less time consuming. Here are some of them:

Ensuring the right environment

An ambiance conducive to creative thinking is of paramount importance when you write an essay, be it for a scholarship or admission. In examination halls, you do not get to choose where you write, but whenever asked to write an essay otherwise, choose a spot where you are completely in your comfort zone, with zero distractions. Ensure you have all necessary materials such as the internet, notepads, research material, books, water, etc. at close quarters so that you don't have to get up and go search for anything once you start writing.

Planning your essay

We are all familiar with the universal essay structure of introduction, body and conclusion. Essay Writing Tips Before you start writing, be very clear in your mind about what points you want to make in these three sections. Make notes and ensure that you present these points in a concise and clear fashion.

Getting your research spot on

Your essay is only as good as your research. Ensure that you have looked into every aspect of the subject. Use every material available to you such as books and the internet, and learn enough about the topic to be able to draw your own conclusions and form your own opinions, instead of blindly copying facts from your research.

Getting the tone and style correct

Every writer has his/her own distinct style. These are mostevident when he/she has to write an essay. A writer's style says a lot about how his/her mind assimilates facts and his/her general communication skills. The tone of your essay should always be in accordance with your target audience. Writers make two huge mistakes when it comes to style, being too vague, and using unnecessarily heavy-duty language. Remember, your aim is to get your message across to the readers with minimum effort on their part, not to give them a test on their verbal ability.Try and ensure zero ambiguity in your essay.

Avoiding cliches and repetition

If an essay has to etch a place in someone's memory, it has to be unique and it should make a statement that hasn't been made before. Steer clear of using cliches and commonly used phrases. Also, when the essay is on a very specific topic, writers make the mistake of using a certain phrase or word over and over again. Analyze your essay once written, and replace repeatedly used words or phrases with appropriate substitutes.

Proofreading and error correction

This is the most underrated and important step of the essay writing process. Go through each and every word for spelling and grammatical errors. This ensures the absence of silly errors which undermine all the effort put into writing the essay.

Follow these steps to enhance your essay writing skills, and writing a good essay becomes a whole lot easier.

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