Tips For Writing Mba Admission Essays

The MBA has been one of the most in-demand courses for decades and still is. Recent years have seen the number of colleges offering MBA degrees grow exponentially, but you are assured of all the benefits of an MBA only if you do it from a reputed and prestigious institute. Such institutions, needless to say, are extremely difficult to get into. All premier business schools have very strict admission procedures to ensure that only the best candidates get in. And a staple of all admission processes is the admission essay.

Essay writing tips for MBA aspirants

Apart from test scores, the admission essay is the most important criterion by which the candidates are judged when they seek admission to MBA courses. Candidates are asked to enlist their career goals, and also to explain why they want to do an MBA. Further, they have to explain their reasons for choosing that particular university.A succinct and well-written essay can go a long way towards convincing the authorities that the candidate is worthy of admission. Below are a few tips which will ensure a certain standard to your admission essay.

Keep the introduction simple

Use the introduction to give the readers insight into what kind of person you are. Be direct and talk about your career goals, and how you think an MBA will help you achieve them. Avoid overcomplicating the introduction, and keep it short and intriguing. Starting simple and keeping the essay concise and interesting throughout is better than having a dramatic introduction and then fizzling out midway.

Do not stray off topic

The selection committee wants to know how effectively you can contribute to the institution and the industry in general. Only mention professional achievements and character traits that are relevant tothe discipline of business management. Reserve your extra-curricular achievements and accolades for your resume.

Maintain a uniform tone and style

Several candidates make the mistake of sounding too pompous or stiff in their essays in order to impress the selection committee. This can backfire and create a negative impression in the minds of the authorities. Maintain an easy but respectful tone throughout your write-up. Ensure that no colloquial usages or inappropriate words appear anywhere in the essay. Steer clear of long-winded sentences and excessive jargon apart from what is absolutely relevant to the discipline management studies.

Be specific

The essay is the most effective method of informing the authorities of your qualities that make you an apt candidate for business management courses. Give accounts of instances where you have displayed your leadership and management skills. Also, stress on how you think honing these skills will help you in the future. Filling your essay with vague and generic sentences will adversely affect your chances of getting into the institution. Showcase your clarity of thought by being concise and getting your points across effectively. Steer clear of cliches and commonly used phrases, as it might be seen as a lack of originality.

Avoid flattery

Several candidates seek to impress the authorities by reciting facts about the institution, or heaping praise on it. This often has the exact opposite effect. Premier MBA institutes are aware of how good they are; they do not need you reminding them. They are also well versed enough in their own history. Unnecessary praise gives authorities the idea that you are desperate, and do not have much else to say.

Stick to the word limits

Brevity is of utmost importance is an MBA admission essay. Pay strict heed to the mentioned word limits. Try to avoid elaborate and flowery language and make your statements sharp and clear. Avoid repetition of points and ensure the essay is crisply written. An MBA degree is all about learning to manage businesses and resources; let managing your words be the first step towards it!

Check your essay for errors

A few errors can undermine an otherwise brilliantly written and structured admission essay. Take time after writing to go through each word and ensure that your essay is error-free. Train yourself to spot errors quickly, and ensure uniformity of tense and voice throughout.

Hope reading this makes getting into a top B-school a little bit easier!

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