How To Make Your Personal Statement Stand Out

The personal statement is a crucial component of your college admission applications, and when the competition gets tough, it may become the deciding factor. It gives you the scope to state your reasons for applying for a particular course or in a specific institution, or both. Through your personal statement, you can demonstrate your potential and enthusiasm for the chosen course and how you can be a value addition to the university or college. But since universities receive thousands of applications, you have to ensure that your personal statement stands out as unique and memorable.

Try the following tips to make your personal statement stand out:

Begin with a strong opening

The first impression always matters. An original and strong opening sentence that clearly expresses why you have applied for a particular course or in a particular institution can capture the attention of the admission officers. You can invoke their interest by sharing a personal experience that explains your intention to pursue your chosen course. Use your opening sentence as a springboard to further draw your readers into your story.

Make it an easy read

Admission officers have to scan through hundreds of personal statements in a day, so a poorly written piece may break the deal for you. Help your evaluators like your personal statement by making it an easy-to-read and well-written piece. A well-structured piece of writing with all the points clearly defined always scores high on a reader's parameter. There is no point in deviating from this standard practice while constructing your personal statement.

Express your individuality

The personal statement allows you to showcase your personality and character in front of your admission officers. Use this opportunity to reflect those traits of your character that will help to establish your candidature for your chosen course of study. Being honest and writing in your own voice is a key factor for mirroring yourself through your words. However, you should take special care not to sound pretentious or pompous.

Demonstrate your interest in the chosen subject

It is essential that you highlight your interest in your chosen field of study. Make your personal statement a platform to focus on your chosen subject and provide evidence for your genuine interest in pursuing the course. You can use examples to reveal your knowledge and interest in the subject area. Moreover, a well-written personal statement isyour opportunity to explain how your chosen subject is relevant for achieving your future goals.

Substantiate your claims

You can reveal your knowledge in the chosen subject area or highlight your strengths and qualities, but do not forget to provide evidence to support your claims whenever and wherever possible. Instead of just listing your abilities, verify your claims through incidents and examples from the past; let the evidence speak for your abilities and experience. This gives admission officers a definite idea about your talents or capabilities, which in turn will help them make an informed decision.

Stay focused on your aim

The aim of your personal statement is to convince the admission officers to offer you a place in your chosen subject and institution. While formulating your personal statement, always focus on answering why the admission officers should offer you that place. Remember that a personal statement must not be just about yourself or all about yourself; it must always be about why you should be given the opportunity to pursue the course.

Highlight value-added learning

Emphasize on the skills and knowledge you have acquired beyond the academic parameter in order to demonstrate your grip on the chosen subject. In the case of vocational courses, highlight any relevant work experience you have in the past. You can also talk about any relevant extra-curricular activitythat speaks for your interest in your chosen subject.

Proofread and edit

The importance of proofreading and editing your personal statement cannot be stressed highly enough. A well-written personal statement can lose its flavor due to unintentional or careless grammatical mistakes. Aconcise and grammatically correct personal statement, on the other hand, indicates your sincerity and dedication. So, proofread your statement thoroughly and edit it carefully before you make the final submission.

A well-presented and compelling personal statement will surely help you to secure a place in your chosen subject area.

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