A Comprehensive Guide To Writing Scholarship Essays

There are no hard and fast rulesfor writing a winning scholarship essay; nor are there any particular formulae to crack the jackpot. It depends on a wide variety of factors, from your application to entrance scores, Grade Point Average to recommendations. In this complex constellation of factors, a key deciding element is the scholarship essay you write as part of the application. Like it or not, some essays prove to be the deal maker while some others break the deal for candidates. If you go through the essays of winning candidates, you will find that there is only one common factor among all the essays- they are unique.

Scholarship essay writing: Guidelines

At Sarobal, we have a proven record of helping candidates get through the application process with our best essay writing services. The following guidelines put together by our experts will help you write a winning scholarship essay.

Understand the topic

A comprehensive understanding of the essay topic is the first requirement towards cracking it. The depth of your understanding will help you to dig deeper into the subject and handle it well and at multiple levels. The selection committee is looking for particular traits in candidates depending on the course they are applying for; while some look for leadership, others looks at community service. It, therefore, is important to fathom the topic in order to bring out the best in you. A keyword analysis of the topic would greatly help you to understand the expectation of the scholarship committee.

Good start is the key

The opening of your essay should be able to capture the imagination of the reader. While no one expects you to write like a pro, it is necessary to ensure that you get the attention of the rider right from the go. Unlike popular thoughts, a start with a quote is not a bad option at all. This being said, you must be able to relate your start with the quote you have used. Once you get the flow, it gets easier.

Connect the topic to your strengths

If you are given a topic, you are expected to justify it with your strengths. For instance, when writing on leadership, you have to portray how your leadership skills helped a project or a team. You also need to mention what was the team strength, how and why you got involved and what were the lessons learned from the project. If this leadership experience has helped you shape your character, do not forget to mention that as well. The key is to mention the specifics. While word economy should be kept in mind, do not sacrifice readability for brevity.

Early preparation will keep you one step ahead

It makes sense to start preparing for your essay well in advance. Do not follow a one-size-fits-all structure for your essay as it kills half the emotion you want to express. That said, a few lines for introduction and conclusion can always be thought out well before you start writing the essay. Doing prior research about various essay topics may prove helpful. For instance, you can do specific research about topics such as leadership, community impact, global peace, recent violence, etc.

Be passionate

Passion and emotions makeus humans, so it is important that you highlight your passion in everything you say. Every point you say should be carefully and logically crafted and convincing explanation needs to be given wherever required. For instance, if you have recently coached disadvantaged kids, tell them what led you there in the first place. If you are a good orator, explain how you overcame your fear of public speaking and turned your worst failure into your finest strength. Making the essay personal and passionate goes a long way in convincing the scholarship committee to bet on you. Do not forget that this is an investment at the end of the day. Explain through passion why you deserve it.

Get your essay checked

It is a good idea to get yourwrite-up checked and proofread by a grammar fanatic friend or your teacher. Reviewers hate typos and wrong punctuations; they hate plagiarized works even more. A plagiarized essay will not only be rejected but also will leave a bad taste in the mouth. Finally, ensure that your thoughts are simple and penned down in easy-to-understand language.

With their best essay writing services and handy tips, experts at Sarobal sees you through the tedious process of winning a scholarship. The above-mentioned guidelines will, without a doubt, help you write your essay to perfection.

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