We offer discounts on our prices for high quality academic papers. None of the papers are priced on a flat rate. As compared to other sites that do not offer any discounts for students and force them to pay a rate that increases depending on the number of pages we offer attractive discounts. Depending on the number of pages the prices of the paper will be discounted. This is to ensure that the customer will not have to pay an exponential price for a 10 page paper as compared to a 5 page paper.

We also offer discounts for regular customers and referrals. These discounts do not in any way reflect upon the quality of work that is finally sent to the customer. The papers will be of high quality regardless of the discount that we provide. The papers that are given at a discounted rate are also original and not written in advance. The intention behind giving out a discount is only to facilitate the process and make it cost effective for the customer who wants a longer paper but cannot pay a fixed price for every single page.

No. of Pages Discount Rate
1 to 15 : 5%
16 to 50 : 8%
51 to 100 : 10%
100 to 200 : 15%
201 to 300 : 20%
Cost Before Discount $ 0 USD
Cost After Discount $ 0 USD

(Including all Taxes)